QuickBooks Premier Edition 2013 with SN

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QuickBooks Premier Edition 2013 with SN

QuickBooks Premier Edition 2013 with SN

QuickBooks Premier Edition 2013 with SN | 1.03 GB

The annual update to QuickBooks, the UK's favourite small-business accounting product, has just been released - but if you're expecting a slew of new features you'll be disappointed. There are a few but, in the main, QuickBooks 2013 is more about smartening up the interface and making the existing tools easier to use than adding accounting functionality.

Modernised UI
Apart from a few tweaks here and there, the QuickBooks interface hasn't changed that much in the last few years. Washed-out greys and blues have predominated, with the odd dash of colour thrown in here and there. In the 2013 release, however, that all changes with a more modern white background with starkly contrasting dark panels and more dramatic use of colour to tie related items and processes together.

According to Intuit, the use of contrast will help users to focus on what they need to do, the darker colours creating a strong hierarchy of zones to aid with workflow. Clutter has also been reduced, and the new look and feel applied consistently throughout the package. It certainly looks more modern and functional and, because the underlying workflows remain the same, shouldn't leave existing users scratching their heads searching for the tools they need.

Homepage : quickbooks.intuit.com/premier/
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QuickBooks Premier Edition 2013 with SN
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