Odin U Disk Encrypt Creator v9.8.2

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Odin U Disk Encrypt Creator v9.8.2

Odin U Disk Encrypt Creator 9.8.2 | 1.8 MB

Odin U Disk Encrypt Creator is a very useful U disk/Flash drive encryption tool. Its friendly interface guides you encrypt your U disk/Flash drive/Portable Hard Drive/Mobile Hard Drive easily.Odin U Disk Encrypt Creator encrypt/protect the external drives with the strong password to ensure absolute confidentiality of your data.

After you encrypted your u disk/flash drive with Odin U Disk Encryption Creator,No one can open the files and documents located on your USB storage device except you. The drives protected with Odin U disk Encrypt Creator can be used with other Windows computers, without needing to install Odin U Disk Encrypt Creator on the computer.And protect your data even if your computer has been infected by virus.

Home Page -http://www.odinshare.com/u-disk-encrypt-creator.html




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